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Why Cultural Fit Will Elevate Your Tech Recruitment

February 15, 20242 min read

Tech job seekers are looking for more than great paying jobs where they get to apply their skills. A survey conducted by PWC emphasizes that for 67% of employees, culture is more important than strategy or operations. Tech candidates are increasingly prioritizing organizational culture before applying for a job, as they recognize career growth hinges on ensuring that the organization’s goals align with their own. Additional research by Glassdoor reinforces this, indicating that new talent adjusts better to an organization and is more productive when cultural fit is aligned.

While tech skills and talents typically take center stage when seeking the ideal candidate, cultural fit emerges as a pivotal consideration for recruiters seeking to create high-performing teams. Cultural fit ensures more than alignment and includes the development of excellent teams who consistently make positive contributions towards organizational objectives.

Organizational Values as The Foundation of Cultural Fit

To determine the cultural fit of a candidate, begin by exploring the values that are important to the candidate, as these should match those of the organization. Conducting behavioral interviews to identify any occurrences of unconscious bias to facilitate recruiting and retaining top talent.

Exploring the Company Culture

As part of the recruitment process, after shortlisting candidates, go beyond the traditional interview. Immerse candidates in the company culture by introducing them to the office and key team members to give them exposure to where the real work will take place. This will provide them with practical and invaluable insights. Look out for specific feedback on what the candidate likes, and where they believe they can make the most contribution.

Let’s Get Practical

As a recruiter, here are practical questions to gauge cultural fit:

  1. Why do you want to work in the organization?

  2. What best practices would you apply in the organization?

  3. What values draw you to the organization?

  4. In which organization have you experienced a strong culture fit?

  5. What type of culture would you thrive in?

Prioritizing cultural fit as a recruiter does more than enhance the potential candidate’s job satisfaction. It also contributes to building stronger teams and increasing productivity. For the organization, the benefits extend to enhancing employee retention, superior results, and savings of both time and money.

In conclusion, as tech recruiting becomes more competitive, integrating cultural fit into the recruitment process is a strategic necessity. Doing so creates a win- win scenario for both the candidates and the organizations.

Obi Ogbanufe

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