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Screening Technical Candidates

October 11, 20232 min read

For technical recruiters, technical screening is one of the most important steps in the recruiting cycle. It benefits the employer, the candidate, and most especially, the recruiter.

The better you fine-tune your technical screening process, the more efficient you are at matching candidates’ skills and experience to your clients. You save time! There’s no sense reviewing, scheduling, and doing all the work involved in sending four candidates for interviews when one could suffice.

Whether you’re just starting or have been at it for some time, there are simple steps that make it quite simple and repeatable. I’ll show you how easy it is to use text from job descriptions and resumes to perform technical screening. It’ll surprise you when you see what you’ve been missing.

Performing Technical Screening/Prescreening

To perform Technical Screening and prescreening, an IT Recruiter should already know the technologies that are in place in either the resume or the job description. For more information, you can register for one of our free training webinars.

The tools for pre-screening are already with you:

  1. The technical job description and

  2. The technical resume

The Technical Job Description

The technical job description should describe in detail the requirements of the position and the business and technical environment where the job will be performed. So, if this is written correctly, you should know approximately the number of people in the department or team, the tools used, the platform, and the goal of the team.  If these are not present, then the IT recruiter may request the information from the account manager or hiring manager.

The Technical Resume

The technical resume is a document that shows how business issues were solved by the candidate. And this is the way a technical recruiter should view a resume – as a showcase of how past client problems were solved. This is an indication of how new problems will be solved.

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Obi Ogbanufe

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