Useful Stuff for Technical Recruiter's and Account Executives

Free webinar replays, videos, best practices, etc.

Webinars Replays, etc

Making more placements through

Technology training

The Data Savvy Recruiter

(coming soon)

AI is more than ChatGPT. Use AI for fun (coming soon)

Rapid Fire Roleplays

Roleplays help recruiters hone their skills and gain confidence.

Role Play (DevOps - 4m)

Roleplay (ML Engineer- 4m)

Roleplay (Security Analyst

- 4m)

Free Training Courses

Cybersecurity Technologies for Technical Recruiters and Account executives

If you're looking to learn about cybersecurity so that you can start recruiting in this area, access a FREE module of our cybersecurity technology training for IT recruiters to gain the confidence to recruit candidates in this area.

How to Become a Technical Recruiter [From Novice]

The first of it's kind training for individuals looking to step into the exciting domain of technical recruiting. No experience necessary. Enroll for a four-week FREE training course to teach you what you need to know to start your technical recruiting career.

Best Practices for Technical Recruiting

Avoiding Recruiter Burnout

Short course + Assessment

eBook - Recruiting AI/ML

A Day In the life Of a Technologist

Learning what candidates do helps recruiters and account executives understand their roles, and the hiring manager's needs.

Learn about a DevOps Engineer.

Learn about a Full stack Developer.

AI Prompts for Technical Recruiters and Account Executives

AI Prompts for Job Descriptions

Sample AI Prompts for creating a job description.

AI Prompts for Tech Screening

Sample AI Prompts for screening a candidate.

AI Prompts - Account Execs

Sample AI Prompt for learning about the hiring manager's environment.

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