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Obi Ogbanufe, PhD

About the Founder...

Obi Ogbanufe, PhD

Dr. Obi is a researcher and an educator. Her official title is Assistant Professor of Information Systems. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in data mining, cybersecurity, predictive analytics, and data warehousing. She researches cybersecurity, risk management, artificial intelligence ethics, and smart technologies.

She has worked in many technical and managerial roles in the private and public sectors. Coupled with her experience as a former technical recruiter, she has developed strong insights on the candidate + hiring manager + technical recruiter perspective.

Dr. Obi is the author of the book series, "Technology Made Simple for the Technical Recruiter," "Spanish Edition of Technology Made Simple for the Technical Recruiter."

The goal of these books and the courses is to increase the technical recruiter’s confidence, effectiveness, and influence as a chief boundary spanner between the candidate's viewpoint and the hiring organizations.

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Why we do it

Technology changes lives

We believe that technology changes lives.

Inspiring people to find their place in technology is what keeps us going, and technical recruiting is the key.

We imagine a technical recruiter who is excited with confidence to communicate technologies, build relationships, and connect candidates to their careers in fitting organizations so that each candidate thrives.

In 2023, our founder, Dr. Obi started a non-profit organization that works to use technology to changes lives in areas of need.

Each time you purchase a course, 20% will go to support a program that helps Survivors and Restarters learn the skills to get back on their feet:

What Our Users Say

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"Obi has twice presented to our teams. She invested heavily in preparation, truly influenced the audience and made a positive impact on our team members. She leverages her 360 degrees of experience and her delivery is masterful as she sincerely connects with the students. I would highly recommend Obi to any that are considering raising the knowledge level of their Recruiters."

Barry Mills


"Obi is an exceptional trainer. I have been through 2 of her courses and she continues to teach me new things. After recruiting myself for 11 years, it is refreshing to get new information that is useful in my daily job. I would highly recommend Obi."

Maureen Motte

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