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Recruiting AI/ML Talent: The Three Key Skills You Need for Success in 2023

October 11, 20233 min read

The landscape of technology is ever-evolving, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) emerging as game changers. These technologies are revolutionizing industries, and shaping the way that people interact with both machines and data. As a recruiter in the tech space, you must stay ahead of the curve to achieve success, particularly when it comes to sourcing and placing top-tier AI/ML professionals. 

As we approach the end of 2023, there is increasing competition for individuals with these talents. This means that as a recruiter, you must possess a unique set of skills to thrive in this dynamic environment. This article contains three must-have skills that will help you successfully recruit AI/ML professionals in 2023.

Skill 1: Technical Acumen

To recruit for AI/ML positions, you need to speak the AI/ML language. This requires going beyond an understanding of job descriptions and technical jargon, which class for more than familiarity with AI/ML concepts at the surface level. Build the skill of technical acumen by: –

  • Mastering Foundational Concepts of AI/ML. – These include though are not limited to supervised and unsupervised learning, natural language processing, and neural networks.

  • Collaboration with Peers – Build relationships with tech leads and engineers who can help refine your understanding of AI/ML to help identify top talent.

Skill 2: Niche Networking 

The AI/ML community is tightly knit, even as it continues to thrive. To unearth the best talents, you must join this ecosystem and build meaningful relationships. Build the skill of niche networking by: –

  • Attend AI/ML Events – Ensure that you attend or participate in local and global conferences, meetings, and seminars that are dedicated to AI/ML. At these gatherings, you will be able to meet potential candidates, discover insights and build connections that could substantially help your recruiting efforts.

  • Seek out AI/ML Platforms – There are platforms online that are hotspots for AI/ML experts, and these include Kaggle, GitHub and Stack Overflow. Find conversations that you can participate in to understand what potential candidates are looking for.

Skill 3: The Human Element

Your candidates are much more than a set of professional skills. To recruit AI/ML professionals, you need to understand them as human beings. This includes their aspirations, motivations, and personalities so that you can place them successfully. Here are the skills for understanding the human element: –

  • Cultivate Empathy – View each person you are trying to recruit as an individual with a unique career goal and personal aspiration. Each recruit is more than a code wizard. You can then tailor your communication to something that resonates with their journey.

  • Explain the Bigger Picture – When seeking to recruit, explain to the AI/ML candidates how their work could make a meaningful impact. The recruits need to understand how they contribute to real-world applications and their potential to shape the future.

Recruiting AI/ML professionals requires a mix of technical, networking, and soft skills. These three core competencies shall ensure you source top-tier talent, as well as build strong relationships for successful placements. When you are recruiting, keep in mind that matching skills with roles is just the beginning. The key to recruiting AI/ML talent is understanding what motivates each candidate. To get It right every time, the purpose is to stay ahead of the curve.

Obi Ogbanufe

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