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4 Reasons to Keep Reading IT Articles as a Daily Regimen

October 02, 20232 min read

Though there’s already much to do on any given day for a technical recruiter, it’s worthwhile to state just how important it is to know what’s going on in the technology space. As a technical recruiter, that’s the space you play in. Yes, it’s changing very fast. Don’t try to chase it; you’ll find it frustrating. Instead, let it come to you. How? In the way of subscription. You’ve seen it, used it, or tried to. Now put it to good use. The reasons we need to read IT Articles and make it a daily regimen are as follows:

  1. To increase your technical vocabulary. This is not so you can be a masterful technology wordsmith, but so you can know your terminologies and how they interrelate, their purposes, and correct usage.

  2. To keep abreast of changing technologies. It changes quickly, faster than we know, so don’t chase it; you’ll never catch up. Know the basics of mobile computing, development, networking, etc. Follow the innovations of companies like Google, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, etc. Develop a keen interest in technology. Think sports recruiting – they know their statistics!

  3. To know what your clients and candidates are going through. This is a good thing, especially if your candidates and clients know that you understand their plight. Imagine how you feel when a specialist (auto mechanic, doctor) understands your problems and can speak to the symptoms you’re facing. You are that specialist. Read to understand your candidates’ and clients’ symptoms.

  4. To start and maintain conversations. Talk shop with IT professionals. Speak the language. This will indeed distinguish you from other recruiters.

  5. To increase your confidence level. OK, maybe just half a notch. Seriously this will increase your confidence level. Imagine how it feels when you know that you know your stuff!

Though there are so many IT resources to keep us informed, most of them are geared towards IT professionals, but I’ve listed three that I believe are more generic and can help you get started.

These links talk about the future of IT, with content for business and technical professionals. With this information, you can set up a daily reading regimen to scan the exciting articles and newsletters.

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